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in the hoosegow

Thursday, March 15, 2007

mixing it up

Trainers and other crazy exercise people often extoll the virtues of changing your exercise routine. Now, my routine consists of trotting around the park for a while and/or doing some situps, pushups, etc. Sometimes I run around in the opposite direction but that's pretty much all of the variety I need. Since it's rained so much the past few days I knew the low part of the park would be completely flooded, I decided to hit the trail that runs a few miles through a fun part of town. Fun, as in "antique shops, drug deals and a gravel path, oh my!" thinking the water on it would have drained away. Well, it mostly had, but because the sprinklers were on in a few spots, there were still floody bits. It was energizing to take a different route, to see different people and to run on gravel rather than concrete. The sad part was that these people don't say hello. I don't know their dogs so I don't stop to pet them. They are mostly crazy runner types rather than "maybe I should work on this spare tire" types like me. So, while it's nice to change it up a bit, I think I'll continue to hit the park more often than not.


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