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Thursday, January 27, 2005

why i hate wendy pepper

Warning for those who watch Project Runway: Spoilers ahead if you didn't see last night's episode!

Okay, so we're down to just a few designers on Project Runway and you'd think they would represent the best of the best. Ohhhh no! Out of the remaining 5, two are so-so in the design and concept area, although all are good at actually sewing. Why, oh why is that?

One of them, Robert, is a cute guy who's good at schmoozing. He is one of those kids you hated in college because he wouldn't have read the book before class but you'd discuss it with him for a minute and he'd somehow turn that into a brilliant explication of the plot, themes and character motivation. Okay, well, designers need to be able to work with clients and the garment industry so they'd better be able to sell their stuff, even if it sucks.

The other crappy designer, Wendy, has been left on the show by the producers, I'm positive. She's consistently turned out uninspired and blah garments that barely fit the specifications of the challenge. While she did win one challenge, it was the one for the Banana Republic dress that was uninspired and blah but happened to fit their style. So why is she still on the show? She's the contestant that everyone loves to hate. She schemes, she plots, she undermines, and she turns people against each other. Now, though, the other four who remain all hate her. When they announced that Kevin was getting the boot last night, I let out a howl that scared the cats off the coffee table, "NOOOOOOOO! Get rid of Wendy!"

Maybe next week...


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