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in the hoosegow

Monday, October 23, 2006

some downs and ups

Have you ever made a decision that you knew might hurt someone but was necessary for you? I had to do that a few months ago and there have been moments where I questioned what I had done, but no more. The correctness of my decision was brought to me in technicolor on Saturday.

After all that went down (and really, it's not much to relate so I won't bore you here) I curled up at home and watched Transamerica. Wow. I have loved Felicity Huffman since Sports Night days and now I'm even more impressed with her. There was a part where she's done what she can and has to sit back and let her son figure himself out. That part hit a little close to home, I guess, because it made me weep for a bit. It was good to release all of those feelings of failure and to realize that I did not fail anyone but myself.

Okay, enough ennui. I also bought some new corduroy jackets and a new pair of jeans and a new pair of running shoes. Who ever said that shopping therapy doesn't work?


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