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in the hoosegow

Monday, October 09, 2006

gas-powered tools

Oh, how I hate them. I have a push mower, no leaf blower, and I hate driving. However, I couldn't resist getting one of those trimmers when my friend offered it free o'charge. I tried it out this morning and it was loud, stinky and kept dying if I moved the choke from "get 'er started" to "run, baby, run". Hmm. Also, I realized that I need eye protection, ear plugs and long pants to do any serious trimming. It is kind of fun though. Fun to see little grassies go flying into the air. Fun to see all of the annoying fence-grass go *poof* just like that.

In other earth news, I finished turning over my garden bed and am ready to prep it for my fall garden. I know, I'm a bit behind but it's just now getting past the stinking hot stage so I'm not worried.


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