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in the hoosegow

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


My work peeps decided that having Game Night at the li-berry isn't such a crazy idea after all, so I just gave a list of board games to our money guy and he is going to order them for me. I am so excited! I used to be a part of a big group of kids who got together to play games on Wednesday nights. It was called the Beer and Games Enthusiasts' League, or BAGEL. It was a nice stress reliever after work and I hope it will serve the same purpose for our students.

Not that playing games is always stress-free...I had some friends in college who were found pulling each other's hair over a game of scrabble and one of those same friends wouldn't finish a game of monopoly one night because it looked like she would lose. I am apt to crow every time I win Settlers of Catan and I don't play it anymore because my winning streak is perfect. Still, a bunch of soda & chips and games...who could ask for anything more fun?


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