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in the hoosegow

Saturday, February 02, 2008

and here we go again

We've been packing up the PIG's apartment for the past few weekends. We've done a little bit of work at my house too, and the front door is now painted a very cheery red. Next weekend the moving process begins.

I've got two other pigs at my home--the school's guinea pigs have paid a visit for the weekend. They are very cute and enjoy eating fresh veggies and fruit. Unfortunately they are due for a spa weekend, which includes having a manicure. Brushing shouldn't be stressful but I'm expecting them to squeal like stuck...pigs when I trim their nails.

We're giving ourselves a spa day tomorrow for our anniversary. We decided it should be every super bowl sunday! I'm looking forward to my deep tissue massage like you wouldn't believe.


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