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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


So I shopped around for a mortgage & mortgage company, just like you're supposed to. One of the companies I worked with was recommended by a friend, one was my bank and the other was recommended by my realtor. I chose the one I did because he was upfront with me, took the time to explain everything and he was able to find me a really good deal. I emailed the other non-bank broker to let her know that I had chosen a different broker/company really more out of politeness and a sense of fairplay and not wanting her to be hanging around waiting to hear from me than because I had to. She emailed me back demanding to know why I'd chosen someone else and I say demanded only because she put "please respond!" in her message.

I was reminded of a time when I went out on a blind date with a guy who 1. picked me up in his pimp mobile and 2. was upset because the bar wasn't open yet (it was 10:30am). When I declined a second date, he wanted to know why so I told him that he wasn't mature enough for me. He responded with a very childish reply and then continued to email me with updates on his new found love (of one week) and their subsequent breakup (after a few more weeks) and then another request for a second date. Finally I had to email him back and say, "remember when I said you weren't mature? This shit is exactly what I was talking about" and then block his email.


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