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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

related fans only

The Related finale was on last night. First of all, isn't it weird how the television "season" has changed so much in the past few years? Shows are on for a few weeks, disappear and then reappear to air the remainder of their episodes?

Anyway, the end of the show was typical of end-of-season cliff hangers. We were left with Ginny, having decided not to have an affair, coming home to an empty apartment (where the heck did the dog Ruth get to between the first and second hours of the finale? Did they leave her in Cape Cod?). Margie broke things off with Jason. Rose slept with...oh gosh, I forgot that guy's name, but you know the one I mean, the one who's had a crush on her since the first episode but she burned him and then decided she loved him after he moved on. Yup, that guy. Finally, Anne was seen talking to Danny. I think that's the most promising relationship to begin season two with.

Boy those girls are bratty.


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