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in the hoosegow

Sunday, April 02, 2006


On Friday night we attended a dance performance on campus. It was outside, in/under a sort of barn thing that the architecture students use for various things. There's a big cement floor and a roof and not much else. The advertisement noted that the performance was for mature audiences only as there would be "some" nudity. "Some" my blinding white butt. The two lead dancers were completely naked and shaven. The dance itself appeared to represent the life cycle of some kind of social insect. It looked more like termites to me than bees or wasps, but with artiste types, you never know. So there was lots of twitching and bumping and learning how to move types of movements and if you were in a good location you got to see a lot of, well, everything. Toward the end, after the two lead dancers had been lifted up off the ground in these neck brace thingies (symbolizing the mating flight?) and then fake humped each other, the female lead was dancing around and then was reaching for her crotch area (my view was somewhat obscured at this important juncture) and then a silver ball dropped onto the floor.

"Did that just come from...?" I asked myself. Yes, yes it did. The audience was looking a bit shocked but mostly smiling and chuckling and for the rest of the performance I kept my eye on that ball. As soon as it ended I told my friend I'd buy her dessert if she'd go pick it up. She had to race the GE, but she got to it first and I got a picture. And then we went to get pie.


At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Mark said...

We certainly don't get that kind of culture on our Midwestern Big 10 campus!

Of course, you could only safely put on that sort of "outdoor" performance during the summer months, and maybe that sort of artiste temperament doesn't do summer school.

Texas, hmmm. Hard to believe really. Maybe when you get away from the military bases things loosen up a bit (at least in some places...).

Now if only you could have live blogged it. ;)

At 2:58 PM, Blogger ranger said...

If I'd been live-blogging, it would have been hard not to use naughty words.

This is one of the few times of year that you could do an outdoor performance without being eaten alive by mosquitos or expiring in the heat. Next month, not so much.


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