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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

symposium roundup

Last week I was at the NC State Undergraduate Assessment Symposium. I guess last year there were so many li-berrians that they added a track just for us. I got to be the very first presenter in that track this year. I had an hour to cover a lot of material and to have my group do 3 activities. I can't believe we made it through everything. I hope that everyone came away with a better understanding of why kids are the way they are when they get to us, and by that I mean why they have such varied information literacy skills.

I went to several other programs and the best were the keynote speakers (who knew statisticians could be so interesting?) and the other folks in our track. The worst was a gen ed assessment talk and I was so bored I doodled all over the dude's powerpoint slides but couldn't escape because I was in the front row. I think that librarians really understand a lot about assessment even though that isn't the sole or even the major goal of our jobs.


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