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in the hoosegow

Thursday, July 20, 2006


My regular schedule is all kaflooey because of the Immersion program that finished up yesterday. Now I have to wrangle myself back onto my schedule because the following things are pressing:

1. Cleaning my house. I have been ignoring the cat-hair dust rhinos, but they're starting to form herds.

2. Mowing the front lawn. See many previous posts about my yard.

3. Grocery store. I will soon be out of coffee and shampoo, two things I don't care to be without. Also, my razor is so dull I am more scraping than shaving off my body hair, which is slightly unpleasant.

4. Running. I signed up for marathon training this year because I like to run with a group, I like someone else to make my running schedule for me, and my pants do not fit.


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