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in the hoosegow

Thursday, September 14, 2006

7th layer of taco bell hell

That is where I was stuck today at lunchtime. We have a small TB here on campus. Usually I wait in line forever but the food comes out promptly. Today, I was in line behind a girl who placed her order but instead of leaving the line continued talking to the order lady. Were they having an in-depth discussion of beef vs. chicken, exactly what a chorito might be, or had this emaciated child just discovered the 99cent menu?

I don't know, but she proceeded to place a second order. Finally it was my turn. I ordered, paid and received my receipt with my number. 27. Cool, except that just then the food lady called out "11".

I spent the next ten minutes groaning with the other starvlings, gnawing at my elbow because I'd neglected to buy the all-important long-wait soda. I did get some entertainment watching every single person come up to the drink machine, press on the ice lever, again, again, againagainagain, and finally give up.

And then "27" was called and I was permitted to escape the 7th layer of taco bell hell.


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