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in the hoosegow

Monday, September 11, 2006

we should've been the 9-toed ninnies

In case you're wondering, below is where you will find me for the next several Friday evenings. Can you believe it? Next to the times are the names of the teams we're playing. We're called the Decimators (used to be the Dewey Decimators, but some people thought that was too dorky). I cannot wait until we play Team Wounded Frog!

Friday, Sept 15th at Memorial Field #5
6:30 -- T-Ball Players
8:30 -- Magnum Force

Friday, Sept 22nd at TC Jester Park
6:30 -- Park's Express
8:30 -- Joker's Wild

Friday, Sept 29th at TC Jester Park
7:30 -- PWC Astros
9:30 -- Ultra Drillers

Friday, Oct 6th at TC Jester Park
8:30 -- T-Ball Players
9:30 -- Joker's Wild

Friday, Oct 13th at Memorial Field #5
8:30 -- Wounded Frog
9:30 -- Park's Express


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