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in the hoosegow

Thursday, September 07, 2006

god left a bad taste in my mouth

So I read some more of Dinner with a Perfect Stranger last night. At first I got pretty mad because the author makes the same mistakes many semi-educated people make. Primarily, he refers to all of the acts that make up the process we call evolution as "random". Just because something is not designed, does not mean it is random. Every living thing is acted upon by many forces, e.g. gravity, sexual selection, a zillion environmental influences, etc. These forces together make it easier or harder for a particular individual and his genes to be passed on to another generation, or passed on in greater or lesser numbers of progeny (kiddlies, that is). How on earth could these forces be called random?

Anyway, I gave it a few more pages after that but the bad writing started getting to me and I put it down. I think I might try Remembrance of Things Past instead. Wish me luck!


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