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in the hoosegow

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I woke up from a very sad dream this morning and I've let it color my day. I shouldn't have, but there hasn't been much to jolly me out of my sad mood, with one exception. During a class today, a student kept yelling out non sequitors. When choosing a subject that would encompass our topic: security of online banking, he kept saying "Music!" and making me laugh.

Part of what's getting me down is my secret fear (whoops, not so secret now) of getting left behind at work. I really love what I do but it doesn't always put me in the right position to accomplish my personal-professional goals and I don't want to have to choose.

And then there is the fact that I saw a very disturbing infomercial about intestinal parasites right before I left home. It's not the one with the tall skinny dude with the terrible mustache, but another one. Anyway, despite my interest in all things ucky, this infomercial made me feel a bit queasy, as did the large amount of buttercream frosting I've consumed since Sunday.


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