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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

books, movies and more, oh my

This was a weekend packed with stuff and people and things. It started off with a happy hour brought on by the losses we've suffered at work. Oddly, none of the leavers joined us stayers...

Saturday was marked by cleaning, hanging out with friends, and Body Worlds. Body Worlds was sold out so we had to go way the heck out of retrieve a family membership card, then come back and stand in a short but ridiculously slow line before we could see the exhibit. It was totally worth it, at least for me. If you've been under a rock, the Body Worlds exhibits are comprised of plastinated human remains. Some still retain the form of a body but many are sliced into thin pieces or separated from the body (organs, veins, etc.). The exhibit is humorous, informative and, at times, beautiful.

Sunday was yardwork and Talladega Nights. So stupidly funny! I also got to go there in eprahs's sweet new ride.

Monday I bought about a million dresses and skirts for less than $20. Sand Dollar is a wonderland of used clothing. This place closes down its dressing rooms and cuts all clothing prices in half on holidays. So you can buy a dress for $1.90 but you can't try it on until you get home, and you can't return it. As a result, all but one of the dresses fit but THREE of the skirts were too small, despite being marked as the size I normally wear. This is just one of the reasons I hate women's clothing. Another is the fact that I tried on 10 pairs of pants at Target and not a single one fit. This was what brought on the massive purchase of dresses, actually. I am done with pants. Done! And then I watched wrestling with my wrestling-fan-friends and ate onion rings. Today I am very sorry about that. The onion rings, I mean.

Oh, and I finished Dead Men Do Tell Tales. I am loving all memoirs of forensic scientists these days.


At 3:29 PM, Blogger Katy said...

I am with you on the pants! I hate pants! Hate them!


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