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in the hoosegow

Monday, September 25, 2006

lizard man

We were watching PBS last night, which showed a program on reptiles. We oohed and ahhed until they featured this dude. This dude who used his big lizards to pick up women. This dude who poses his smaller lizards and takes photos of them, photos which may leave the lizards feeling violated or needing a cigarette.

I find it fascinating that there are so many kooks in the world. I'm a kook for kooks. I'm simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by the guy who "grooms" himself (I promised to never link to that webpage, so sorry), the folks in Victorian age who not only took photos of their dead children and other loved ones, but who made dioramas out of dressed up dead bugs, dead mice, whatever small dead creature they could find. Again, sorry for no link. Oddly, my searches for "insect* posed art" did not find what I was looking for!

As a kid, I pored over the Guiness Book of World Records. In college I was fascinated by the book and movie called Freaks. I love Geek Love. I've freaked out many people with my penchant for skin diseases and bodily abnormalities. I always wished I had gills or could fly or was born with extra fingers or a dead twin lodged inside my body.

Perhaps it's a good thing that all of those wishes on stars and birthday candles did not come true.

Or did they?


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