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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

one of those mornings

My glasses, which are on their last legs, dropped the all-important screw again this morning. I searched and searched but couldn't locate it. The screws in my fix-it kit are too big. I was officially de-screwed. So I am wearing my old glasses today. They are fine. It's not like they're giant child-molester glasses or anything, but since they're an old prescription, they make the world look all wonky. I have an eye appointment this afternoon so I am dreading that. I cannot stand anyone coming near my eyeballs but at least that means I'll be able to order some brand new glasses. And then I came to work to find out that one of my best friends here is leaving SOON. I mean, yay for getting a cool job but boo for leaving me!

I ate one of those gigantic egg & cheese bagels and am in the process of drinking a large coffee, in hopes of making myself feel better. I am not, however, getting much work done.


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