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in the hoosegow

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

desperately seeking joe

I'm at the desk and I don't know why. Oh wait, it's because I'm doing a favor for a friend. It's been somewhat busy, at 9am, which surprised me. All of my normal hours are in the later morning or afternoon. I am really wishing I had stopped for coffee, however. I have been out of cream for at least a week and when I went to buy some, the store was completely sold out. What, was there a run on cream? They had whipping cream, and I was tempted, but it cost a whole lot more. I cannot drink coffee without some sort of milky substance (ahem) in it, so I haven't made it at home for ages. All of the students walking past have coffee cups, big ones, and I am severely jealous. I may have to knock one over, grab his coffee, and run. Alternatively, I could beg a colleague to get me some, which might be safer. Might.


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