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in the hoosegow

Monday, March 26, 2007

weekend on the farm

Or a Saturday afternoon at least. We had some serious fun at La Finca and you should see my flickr pages for photographic evidence. The day seemed filled with sex, for some reason. The donkeys were going at it repeatedly, the dogs were trying to, and one little goat did something to himself that I'm sure every human male would give his left eye to be able to do. Wow.

Anyway, we also had some lovely wine and cheese and fruit, good conversation, and fun times feeding the hoofed ones carrots. I so enjoyed showing the PIG around one of my sacred places and spending time with good friends (both hoofed and non-hoofed).

Friday night was spent eating Afghani food, or trying to. We wanted to show off one of our favorite restaurants to our friends. The waiter wandered off and forgot to bring some of our food until we begged for it. Finally another man came out and told us that none of the real waitstaff had shown up. He was very upset and gave us a huge discount on our meal. The food itself was good and we took ourselves out to ice cream afterwards and back home for a dog love fest. Mitzi and Jeremy were all over their guests and were visibly disappointed when the evening broke up.


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Cool pics!


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