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in the hoosegow

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Spent an hour at Walgreens today. I got a TB test and 10 passport photos. The husband-type-person had a positive test but a clear x-ray and I wanted to see if I was also exposed. At the moment it's just hanging out there on my arm.

I had to use my "wrath of god" voice today when a couple of my kids were digging around in another kid's backpack. They have no filters, no shame and no regard for others' property.

While I'm grateful for my job and it is fun to be able to teach about books I love, I wish at times that this whole gig was easier, or that I'd gotten the sort of job I'd wanted teaching science. Fifteen minutes a week of science club doesn't cut it.

Must go throw Lobsty (Pixie's latest toy)...


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