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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

not lonely, but adults to talk to would be nice

Last day for a few of having just 3 doggies. Currently they are all running around like mad, squeaking toys and generally having a good time. Unfortunately, when I took them out a little bit ago, they were also running around like mad, tangling their leashes constantly and someone insisted on pulling on his leash.

I snuck in some vacuuming today and discovered that beagle hair is dang near impossible to get off of microsuede. I might make the husband vacuum it because it's his fault there's dog hair there in the first place.

Kitty is curled up on the computer desk, watching the shenanigans from a safe distance, and the pigs are busy eating their way through a bag of rabbit food that the hubby put in their cage. He used it as a weight and of course they knocked it down and ate a hole through it.

Can you tell I'm feeling a bit lazy at the moment?


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