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in the hoosegow

Thursday, November 04, 2004

no hassle

I'm about fed up with boys, again. Why do so many members of the hairier sex act like babies? Why do they act as if picking up the phone and calling is against their religion? Why, oh why are they incapable of hitting the "reply" button on their email?

On a lighter note, gal Cassie got kicked off of ANTM this week. No surprise there. I was also right that it was Amanda who forgot to bring heels with her on the go-see. Ah, television.

On an even lighter note, it was nice and cold at my house last night. I pulled out my comforter and slept an extra hour and a half this morning all toasty mosty. It was while I was lying there not really wanting to get out of bed that I realized men are mostly over-rated, except of course for their ability to fix things and carry things that are too heavy for me, but I can hire someone to do that. Hmmmumph.


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