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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Dream: On a road trip with sisters/friends (dream fluidity, you know), we pull over to pee and switch drivers. The person driving stops right in front of a family begging for money. As I am getting into the front seat, they are pawing me, sticking their hands into my bag, pulling the change from the cupholders. We start to pull away (and suddenly I'm not driving anymore) when I look into my wallet and see that my debit card and credit card are missing. "Turn around!" I shout and the GE gets irritated because he's new at driving and startled by me shouting at him. We stop in front of the family, I confront them, and I follow them across the swamp to their house. The little girl takes me into her room where she has stacks of credit cards, licenses and insurance cards. We can't find mine anywhere. We look all over the place, even in the bathroom. Meanwhile, I grow fond of the little girl and her criminal family. They are travelers (in the British sense, like gypsies). Finally we go into the kitchen and a grandfather comes out. He pulls my cards from on top of the refrigerator and once I find my tennis shoes I go back to the car. Now an old man and a woman are in it. I try the door but it's locked and the car pulls away. I sit down and begin to weep.


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