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in the hoosegow

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ice cream or antihistamine

The GE and I celebrated the fact that we're able to have civil conversations now by getting ice cream last night. He let me try his--it was a banana almond chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed in. It was good except for the banana. He said he didn't taste the banana, but right at the end of the cup he got a banana mouthful and nearly spit it out. I had a hot fudge sundae with one scoop of sweet cream and one of belgian chocolate. Sweet cream is one of my all time favorite flavors.

On the way home from ice cream fest, I stopped to buy some antihistamine so that I could sleep without scratching myself to death. I took some before bed and then more at about 5am. Unfortunately that meant I was groggy, headachy and nauseated until about 10:30 this morning. I'm not sure what the cure was, but I ingested large amounts of ibuprofen, water and coffee. Now I'm at desk looking forward to my 2 o'clock class. If they act up, I will wave my weeping forearm at them!


At 5:47 PM, Blogger jillbertini said...

I hope your arm is feeling better!


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