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in the hoosegow

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I worked late last night on the desk and I kept helping one guy who was trying to find the readings for his class. Several of them were articles that could only be found in one of our databases, so the prof had written out the pathway, or at least the beginning of it. The articles are older and much written about so we kept getting tons of hits until I got smart and started using the advanced search page. Three cheers for specific searches! Anyway, it was fairly frustrating for the kid who didn't really seem to understand what he was doing and it was annoying for me because he should've caught on to doing it himself. Sometimes I think there should be a library portion of the GRE that people have to pass before they can get into grad school... So the final time he came up, I look up and he's rooting around in his nose. I mean, I know we'd gotten comfortable with each other over the past hour and all but jeez, some things should be done in the privacy of your car while you're speeding down the freeway, right?


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