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in the hoosegow

Monday, February 20, 2006

gaming madness

And then there was Saturday...
Two of my friends and the one friend's daughters all dragged me out of my Saturday stupor to play games. We traveled down to Pasadena (called "stinkadena" by some folks in our car), got to the street, and knocked on the door. Some nice folks answered and were about to let us and our delicious plate of brownies into the house when we all realized we were at the wrong address. Laughing hysterically, we crossed the road. Once inside I noticed that the tv was tuned to a fascinating show: a security camera of the entrance. This was indicative of the general weirdness of the evening. I found myself arguing with someone about whether sunrise church services were only at Easter (I maintain they're not). We played a dumb game that said woman just couldn't get the hang of. We found ourselves using our pre-arranged get-out-of-here-quick excuse to go home. So, game night itself: C+, but the evening all together, including the cheesy B horror film The Corpse Vanishes that we watched later: A.


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