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in the hoosegow

Friday, April 14, 2006

tax time

I finished my taxes Wednesday night and left them for the mail carrier today. I'm so happy they're done. Apparently Houston is on the top 10 list of cities that procrastinate most when it comes to taxes. No surprise here. It's all part of a very careful plan on my end, though. I wait until the last minute, so I get my refund as late in the year as possible. That way, I have a few months less in which to bemoan the fact that I have to save my entire refund to pay for my property taxes. Of course, if interest rates were higher I'd want to get the refund earlier to get as much interest on the wad as I could. Maybe I should look into some high yield, short term investments, hmm?

On another note, my neighbors were either having a pre-Easter party last night or my neighbor's wife has left him and gone back to Mexico. They were blasting old classic Mexican songs last night quite late (for my neighborhood--hey, we've all gotta get up and work in the morning). I'm really not sure which because this morning, all was quiet and the neighbor's car wasn't there....

Did he drive south to win back his sweetheart, or did he have to get on the road for work? We may never know.


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