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in the hoosegow

Friday, July 28, 2006


Wednesday night I attended the 3rd H-town film swap. The concept is this: filmmakers submit 5 minutes of film, composers submit 5 minutes of music (or something...), and these are swapped. The filmmakers create a new 5 minutes of film to go with the score they've received and vice versa. The results: variable but windy.

Any of you who attended will recall "C is for Cookie, and Cookie's good for me!" repeated for 5 full minutes, as well as watching a digital timer count down 5 minutes while periodically a man would appear and say "If you think I'm going to take this, you've got another thing (or, occasionally "think") coming." Toward the end, we all broke out in a chorus of "C is for Cookie". Talk about driving someone crazy.

Afterwards I had the strongest margarita I've ever had and enjoyed in my life. No wonder they call it the Cadillac.


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