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in the hoosegow

Monday, July 24, 2006

lose 20 lbs quik!

Saturday morning was my first group run with my marathon training group. I know that it's currently very hot in much of the country, but H-town is merely in the midst of the normal summer Hot. Still, our Hot means that even at 7am it is 80+ degrees and muggy as heck. After the run (4 miles, not too far but still kicked my butt) I drove to see my goat friends. I have a few nasty bruises from getting into the goat pen with the bucket of treats. I had to wrestle with either Brenda or Tina (probably Brenda, considering how she was using her horns) to get away. The sad thing is that I left my camera at work all weekend so I can't share any pics. It is really sad because the baby goats are so cute and one was nursing from the donkey, Peaches.


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