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in the hoosegow

Thursday, August 24, 2006


While reading my feeds from The Librarians' Index to the Internet, http://lii.org, I discovered a fun, although lengthy, test of my brain sex identity. I've noticed that I tend to fall right smack in the middle of most personality tests. I've also noticed that I have abilities that are typically male and some that are typically female. I was curious to see where I fell on this particular spectrum.

I'll let you make your guess first.

The average man scores 50 on the male side of the spectrum, while the average woman scores 50 on the female side. I scored 25 on the male side. Along the way I discovered that I prefer men with more feminine facial features (not exactly a surprise) and that my ring finger to index finger ratio is quite a bit smaller than most people, both male and female. I scored exactly the same on the tests for empathy (a typically female trait) and systemizing (male trait) and I scored higher than the average person on both.

Now what does all of this mean? It means I'm not your typical female, that's for sure. To me it means that I took in many traits expressed by my more typically male and female parents and that all types of abilities were valued and supported. Mom: good with words and people--check. Dad--good with building things and spatial stuff--check. Short fingers on both parents--check. I wish this test were hooked up to a career list because I'd be interested to see what this says about what I should be doing for work. Should I give up my job as a li-berrian and become a person who screens faces for terrorists at the airport? Should I become a glove-maker for squatty-fingered folk?


At 12:48 PM, Anonymous saul said...

it just means your damn sexy! but you knew that...


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