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in the hoosegow

Monday, April 30, 2007

still digging

How very sad is it that I am now up to April 20th in my email purge? It is taking me forever to get through all of the listserv and other mail that wasn't urgent when I got back last Wednesday.

My wrist hurts.

In other news, I gave my hairdresser the candy I brought back from Trinidad. She was delighted and my hair is again back to normal shortness. She called me a chia pet because my hair grows so fast, so I in turn had to tease her about her picked out 'fro.

Sunday I got to see the Astros play, finally. We had such a grand time, my student worker/friend and I. The guy next to us was joining in with the general frivolity. Thanks to my friends who gave us the tickets! We got to sit at club level and have snack service from our seats. Very swank.


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