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in the hoosegow

Friday, April 06, 2007


We have a candidate for the position of My New Boss. Seriously, that's how it was advertized. No one applied, so they changed it to something cockamamie like "instruction and information literacy director". Jeez. Anyhoo, we went to a fairly fancy restaurant last night for dinner. I did it up. I had one piece of bread and one breadstick, a gorgonzola salad (lots of yummy greens), a huge piece of sea bass covered in some sort of weird crust and a sauce, sauteed spinach and a portobello mushroom. I didn't eat all of anything except for the spinach, but then I had a huge piece of grand marnier flavored chocolate cake. Along the way, the waiter kept refilling my wine glass with the bottle of San Pellagrino I'd ordered. That is my favorite sparkling water ever. It was so hilarious to see him splashing it in, swig by swig, throughout the night. I drank the whole thing!

The food was all tasty and wonderful but as I was walking to my car I felt the first rumbles... I made it home, but it was touch and go. One of my friends says that when this happens, it's all of the oil and butter in the food, not food poisoning. I'm willing to believe that, especially since I'm fine today, but it's disturbing nonetheless.


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