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in the hoosegow

Saturday, October 13, 2007

stiff and nonsense

Just home from a dear friend's birthday party. The theme was a staged funeral, with my friend lying in a casket while we read or spoke our eulogies and memories, followed by a lot of food, bobbing for reasons to live, a scream contest and a swift game of pin-the-spirit-on-the-non-corporeal-being.

Hearing what everyone had to say about this friend made me realize two things. One is that I am Very Boring in general and the second is that I should treasure every minute with her because she's...so many adjectives that I cannot choose one or a few to describe her adequately.

In other news, my ankle is slightly less swollen and my leg is incredibly itchy from being wrapped all day for the past few days. Also itchy are my muscles. They want to run!


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