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in the hoosegow

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Kitty Pants wished to go outside this morning, so I opened up the back door to find a big surprise. We both leaped back as the wasp nest, formerly nestled along the top of the door, fell to the ground (aka my kitchen floor) and all of the wasps began milling about. I sent KP out the front door and returned to shove the nest out the back door with a broom. I left the door open a bit so some of the waspies could find their way outside and turned off the lights so they wouldn't be attracted to stay inside. Unfortunately there are still a few in the house, getting annoyed and buzzing about.

I'd been wanting to knock down their nest, but felt horrible about it because it was big and bustling, so I'd put it off and off and off, and finally today the wind did it for me. The Ladies, as I call the inhabitants, wouldn't live the winter anyway, but now their offspring/nieces are also doomed. Odd that this happened the same time that the huge bee hive in the UH Engineering building was relocated...


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