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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Warning: tv-related spoiler!

I was watching the premier of CSI Miami last night. They'd advertized that one of the cast members was going to die but that usually means some minor character that only appears in a few episodes anyway. As I was watching it, I even forgot about the impending death because it was shaping up just like any old episode, Horatio and Tim going into a jewelry store to check out whether the store had stolen some gems, ho hum, when all of a sudden Tim got shot. Pretty much outta the blue and there wasn't even that moment of "oh, he'll pull through. they'll perform some miracle at the hospital" because he was spitting out blood immediately and died right there in H's arms. Damn. He wasn't even my favorite character (Eric is hotter, Callie is cooler, and I love love Alex) but geez, why kill off Spiedle?

Okay, then this morning I flipped to UPN to see who was on Fantasy Island only to discover they've replaced it with two episodes of a Different World. Marisa Tomei is on the first year or so and she was cute, just like Brittany Murphy used to be on Sister Sister before she got all anorexic.

Finally, and unrelated to television, I got an estimated mortgage from my broker, and it is soooo expensive to buy a damned house in this town because of the property taxes. Tax assessors must all go to hell! Still, I want to do it because I'm tired of throwing money down the hole, i.e. paying rent, so if you see me in the next year or so and I'm looking a little ragamuffiny, buy me a cuppa coffee.


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