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in the hoosegow

Monday, October 04, 2004

escape from witch mountain

I had a really perverted dream last night. I was posing two stuffed animals, a mouse and a kitten, like they were having sex with each other. Juvenile, yes, humorous, possibly. But then they came to life and there was, well, naughty contact and I saw it. Eeeew eeew eeeew.

Friday night I did dream that I was holding a little tiny baby and he started talking philosophy with me. I don't know anything about philosophy, not even enough to discuss it with an infant but I do remember making what I thought was a very profound comment (which I have now forgotten).

In other news, I am feeling very sorry for myself right now and if someone wants to go get ice cream with me tonight (provided I stop feeling queasy by then, I mean I can't be sick to my stomach for more than 36 hours in a row, right?), I'll treat.


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