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in the hoosegow

Friday, November 05, 2004

i feel a drunk coming on

Apparently not all boys are useless and inconsiderate. Just some of them! And they know who they are...

I actually got a little creeped out by csi last night. For some reason serial killers can do that to me, especially ones that like to play and use blowup dolls in their taunting of the police and criminalists. I kept glancing at the door to make sure it was locked and then I had to steel myself before getting up to go to the bathroom. That used to happen to me a lot during old X Files episodes, which is stupid because why would the bathroom be any scarier than the living room which, after all, has windows and a door and nowhere to hide.

In other tv-related news, Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy were on one of those morning shows advertizing the Dallas reunion this weekend. They did this hilarious bit with Larry drooling and making an ass of himself. While I realize that JR was merely a character, it was always hard for me to separate him from the actor. I mean, that dude was pure evil, right? Anyway, it was good to see Patrick Duffy, one of my very first crushes when he was on the Man From Atlantis. He hasn't been around much since that ill-fated sitcom he did with the thigh master lady. What was her name? You know, Chrissie from 3's Company.


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