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in the hoosegow

Friday, February 25, 2005


Where I come from, little white kids generally have birthdays, while little black kids (and poor little white kids) have berfdays. However you want to pronounce it, mine's coming up shortly. We're celebrating with a group game of mini-golf, which I am hoping will be as fun as I remember. I actually started celebrating yesterday, in part because I finally got a big check I'd been waiting for. The good ex and I took ourselves out to my favorite Thai/sushi place and then watched The Passion of the Jew and Jesus' Son. The latter is not exactly religious--it's about a junkie and his adventures--but it was funny that we ended up with those two things. I'm also hoping to get in some good drinking and carousing between now and said birthday, rounding out the weekend with a viewing of Animal Lover. This is a film, a documentary I believe, about people who, ahem, really love their pets.

I can't wait.

So if you see a short feisty redhead wearing a crown this weekend, it'll probably be me. Don't forget to buy me a drink.


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