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in the hoosegow

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

tv blather

Last week I reported on the "musical" episode of 7th Heaven. Then yesterday I read the recap of it on televisionwithoutpity. It was even funnier than I remembered--especially the part where they describe Ruthie's singing as not unlike that of a french cabaret singer. So true, so sadly true.

I worked late last night and got home in time to watch taped Gilmore Girls before heading off to sleepy land. Nothing to report from it other than the return of Marty (i.e. the man whom Rory is supposed to be dating) and Kirk doing a great job in the elementary school production of Fiddler.

Tonight is, of course, the final episode of Project Runway. My friend leaked some good pics of Austin Scarlett. I advise you to follow the link immediately. Since I'm planning to start my birthday weekend celebrations tomorrow if possible, probably not a lot more tv blather this week, unless of course I decide to make up a drinking game for CSI. Hmmmm.


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