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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

sweat swiffer

Anyone who's a fan of cleaning products will know that swiffer comes in wet and dry versions. You buy the stick and then a package of whatever type of "cloth" you need and away you go! It works really well on that fine particulate matter (dust) and on cobwebs. Anything that's very large, though, is better swept or vacuumed up. Sometimes I push that stuff around with the swiffer and then sweep it all up at the end.

That's the dry swiffer. The wet swiffer is different. The wet swiffer is, well, wet. It's not just moist, it's dripping. It also smells. It's a smell I don't really like and there it is, dripping all over my floor. I've tried it twice now, once in the bathroom and once in the kitchen. Both of those floors are tiled and the wet swiffer doesn't get into the cracks at all, despite being significantly thicker than the dry swiffer. So now I've got a kitchen floor that semi-clean but I can still see food spills and other grunge in between each tile. Guess who's mopping tonight?


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