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in the hoosegow

Thursday, March 09, 2006

cat food

Isn't cat food weird? I mean, cats mainly eat whole animals in the wild, right? They don't eat grains except from the stomachs of their prey and they certainly don't eat sugar or salt. If you look at the ingredients of most dry cat food, you'll see that it's full of corn, salt and sugar. Then there's the canned stuff, which is often something or other "by-product", which means the cast offs. The lips and snouts. I try to give my cat a decent food that features meat as its first ingredient and the least-nasty canned food I can find. She loves both, which is lucky. Let me tell you, I once had to feed my old cat a food made of duck and potatoes or something like that and he hated it. Anyway, this morning I gave her a can of fish and shrimp food. I could actually see the shrimpies in there and dang it smelled like fish. She doesn't like chicken or beef, but anything fishy she will absolutely beg for. I'm sure she's at home right now, head on my pillow, dreaming of fishing in a cold mountain stream...


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