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in the hoosegow

Friday, June 16, 2006


This day did not start off well. In fact, it was gearing up to be a hair-tearer yesterday. I have two groups of 50 high school kids coming in today and at the end I'm splitting them up to take short tours around. The tours require several adult-types who are not afraid of rowdy teens and familiar with the library so you can imagine it's a bit difficult to recruit. The fact that 2-3 li-berrians are out ill today does not help. I am slightly freaked.

Also, last night I noticed that my temporary crown was very loose. I thought for a few terrified moments that my entire tooth was loose (you should've heard my panicked call to my dentist) so I had to go have it recemented this morning at 7:30. Joy! Luckily everyone who works in my dentist's office is super nice and funny so they jollied me out of feeling retarded for thinking I was losing my teeth.

And now I realize that I have two outreach programs taking place on Monday, one of which was partly prepped but the person who I was prepping with is....out sick and the other I have not prepped for AT ALL.

Which leads me to the idea that I may need to medicate heavily this evening, especially since I had to cancel last night's debauchery (what, you think I wouldn't have accidentally swallowed the loose crown? then you don't know me very well).

UPDATE: everything was fine, of course, and I had plenty of tour guides, my classes are mostly prepped for and my tooth is back in place, and I didn't even resort to "medication".


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