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in the hoosegow

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Spent the evening yesterday en route. En route to the Woodlands to pick up my niece, en route to Pizza, en route home, en route to the PIG's place. Luckily I don't mind being in the car, especially when I'm the passenger.

Next week is a shorty. We have one full day of classes, half day on Tuesday, followed by the Thanksgiving Feast, dismissal at 3:15. I'm off from then until Monday following!

I'm excited to make my first T-day dinner. We've only invited two friends so far but if you're homeless for the holidays, let me know (we're making ham, not turkey, so be aware). The PIG dislikes pie and hates pumpkin pie, so he proposed we make ice cream. I think he really just wants to purchase a new gadget, but who am I to say no to homemade ice cream?


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