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Friday, August 29, 2008

parents' night

Officially called "Back to School" night, our school experienced parents' night yesterday. It was...interesting.

I had a chance to share what I hope to accomplish with their kids by the end of the year, what I bring to the challenge, and a little bit of what I've learned about my students already.

I wasn't sure what to expect and I was glad I hadn't overprepared. I had two powerpoint slides for each course, mostly as talking points for myself. Those who've seen me teach know that this is also how I tend to teach. I have an outline and I say what I think about those topics.

Parents welcomed me. Many came up and shook my hand, while others simply smiled a warm smile as I spoke. A few feel their kids are struggling but since today is the end of the second week of school, no one is actually in trouble yet. A couple heaved great sighs of relief when they learned I worked at a school for kids with neurological disorders, especially one whom I spoke to privately. She returned today to let me know how much she hopes I can help her daughter remain in the mainstream and not fall behind her classmates.

Some folks (yes, other moms) have described the moms as b*tches and I see how some of them could earn that reputation. However, I hope to appeal to their good sides by showing how what I do benefits their kids.

Remind me to reread this come June!


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