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in the hoosegow

Saturday, June 28, 2008

heat wave

The only time H-town in the summer really sux is when your AC breaks down. This has now happened twice...and it is only the end of June. The first time around, it turned out to be a power problem, so no fixing needed. This time, we're thinking we need a recharging of freon. However, we discovered the problem on Friday night, so we're hoping that the AC dude really can make it over here in the next hour, because I've had to turn the AC off completely and it is quickly heating up to the usual 95 degrees.


In other news, my summer program ended yesterday, so I am officially unemployed! I have an interview next week with a principal, so wish me good luck there. My former principal has refused to give me a recommendation and I am...ambivalent. First valve thinks: at least he didn't agree, then write something awful. Second valve thinks: wow, does he really dislike me that much?

I am also tired. Super duper tired. Like, I might make some more coffee and it's 11am tired. (some of that might be the heat...)

That is all I have to share for the moment. Feel free to call for more details.


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