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in the hoosegow

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

more real

I like that phrase, "more real" because it's meaningless. What, could something be "less real"? Why not go full out and say something is unreal or surreal?

I'm experiencing the weirdest thing right now. The dude I've been seeing is phasing me out and at the same time I'm trying to shake him off. Neither of us has said anything to the other, but he has sent me a couple of very stilted emails and not called me for, oh, a few weeks. While the lack of drama is refreshing, there's something satisfying about a good old fashioned breakup. For one thing, there's a definite end to things and you get to say all of the mean things you've thought but never said. The downside of that is that he gets to say all of the means things he thought but never said.... Still!

While I was at home, my sister-in-law-in-law tried to set me up with her cousin. It went something like this.
Her: I don't know why D. is still with that girl. He's such a nice guy, treats women well, and she just takes advantage of that. He needs a nice girlfriend. [looks pointedly at me]
Me: I have a boyfriend. Of course, I'm going to break up with him as soon as he gets home.
Her: See? You can date D.
Me: But I live in Houston.
Her: He could move!
So I had to leave before he came back to the party because that would have been just embarrassing. Anyway, I have a date tomorrow with a new potential and of course will report how that goes.


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