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in the hoosegow

Thursday, March 31, 2005

further evidence that I'm a bad bad person

You know how I was all "I'm going to stop watching so much TV!" and "I can live without America's Next Top Model"? Well, shame on me because I've watched several of the episodes, either when it's rerun or last night I was actually home and watched it at its normal broadcast time. I had to, though, because they kept advertising the "flesh eating bacteria" on Michelle's face and I had to see my diagnosis proven correct. Yummy!

After that I did drag my increasingly fat rear out to a show so that almost made up for my earlier lack of control. We went to see a bunch of bands, or people, or guys, really, from the Anticon label. The first was a dj with stuff pre-programmed apparently because there was no one on stage and I never figured out who was pushing the buttons although my friend did ferret out the culprit. There were then two dudes on stage, very nerdy fellows and a bit schlummy, both playing on keyboards, standing with backs to the audience. They pretty much sucked. Next was my fave, a guy I think named Dosh. He'd play something on the keyboards, drums, xylophone or drop stuff on the ground, sample it, and then play along with it. Then two more dudes that were sort of, well, poncey, if hip hoppers can be poncey. Then finally Sole came on. He's a great rapper with political and controversial lyrics but when you see him you'd expect to run into him playing hackey sack on the lawn at Rice.

Luckily for my smoke-angry eyes, that rapped up the evening's events.


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