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in the hoosegow

Friday, April 01, 2005

sleep? who needs sleep?

So last night I went out to see Gris Gris, an awesome band that I love. Fans of the lead singer Greg Ashley may be pleased to hear that there's talk of the Mirrors getting back together this summer. Yay! I for one like the Mirrors sound better than GG but as long as Greg Ashley is out there making music I'm happy. Anyhoo, after the show we went to the after-party which mainly consisted of hipster guys shotgunning beers and arguing about music/recording/video equipment. I finally crawled into my bed a bit before 3:30 am and that 7:30 alarm went off way too soon. I had to get to work though because I was teaching a class for a group of kids from different countries who are taking classes to improve their English skills before they start college officially. I absolutely love these groups because the students are so interested in the library and to be honest they're way more grateful about the resources and services we offer than the average American student.

Now that's over and I am going to crawl through the rest of my day and then go home to sleep on my back porch. Happy weekend everybody!


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