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in the hoosegow

Saturday, June 17, 2006

he swears i'm not crazy

I'm here in the li-berry while the sky tries to replay the jurassic age, or whenever this part of the world was underwater. I am happy to be dry and (relatively) warm at Ye Olde Info Deske.

One of my friends is also here, waiting out the storm before he goes to a barbeque. I hope duck is on the menu (da dum tshhh!). I had him look over my idea for my class on Monday, which is essentially to have the students choose a research topic related to a professor's research interests (which I will supply) and find a couple of resources based on that topic. Their goal is to be able to start a research proposal for an Honors thesis.

Sounds okay, right? Factor in, then, that these are not undergraduates in the honors college, nor regular undergrads, but high school students. I think they will rise to the challenge!


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